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The roots of Fiber Art Now lie in an online fiber art resource that was started in 2007, by Marcia Young. At the time she was working as director for a local publishing company and spent her evenings developing the project into a comprehensive online fiber art and textiles resource with 100+ articles and interviews.

In the fall of 2011, Fiber Art Now transitioned to a print and digital magazine format. After six years and 23+ issues, we have now grown into a community of over 65,000 followers!

The fall of 2017 has brought more growth and development. Fiber Art Now has always been more than a magazine, so we decided to finally make it official. We are now the Fiber Art Network. A subscription to Fiber Art Now is one benefit our members receive, along with a full digital archive of 20+ issues, exhibition tours, professional development and book club webinars, and access to several grants and awards throughout the year.

There are many types of membership. See them all here and join us!  Membership and Subscription