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Folkwear Patterns Japanese field clothing pattern




Started in California in the 1970s, Folkwear provides sewing patterns that are based on authentic ethnic and vintage garments.  Our patterns are flexible enough to be used for costuming as well as making unique every-day-wear.

These patterns lend themselves well to embellishments from smocking to embroidery to quilting.  They can help you expand your sewing skills and creativity.  Each pattern comes with a short explanation of the historic or cultural context of the garment, and how the garment would have been traditionally worn and embellished.

Folkwear is located in western NC, near Asheville, and is run by Molly Hamilton - a sewer, wife, mother-of-four, and entrepreneur.

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Folkwear Patterns tribal coat


Ethnic Patterns

Our ethnic sewing pattern collection includes patterns from around the world - from six continents and 32 countries!  These Folkwear patterns are based on authentic and historic garments worn by "folk" in these countries collected over the last 40 years.  Folkwear ethnic patterns make wonderful and unique clothing that is versatile, practical, and beautiful.  Patterns come with historic and ethnic lore and information, and most come with information on embellishment and handwork or hand sewn details.  You can make a culturally and historically accurate outfit, or a garment for every-day-wear.  These patterns are fun and easy to use!



Vintage Patterns

Our vintage pattern collection includes patterns from the late 1700s/early 1800s all the way up to the 1950s.  There are a number of beautiful Victorian and Edwardian dresses, as well as fun 1920s gowns, coats, blouses, and suits.  All patterns are based off of authentic garments from the time period.  Enjoy clear cutting, sewing, construction, and embellishment instructions for these patterns.  And, enjoy making a wonderful and unique garment, whether it is historically accurate or styled for modern-day wear!

Children's Patterns

Our collection of children's patterns are fun and easy to sew.  They include patterns for authentic vintage and ethnic garments, and range in size from infant to size 12.  These versatile patterns are great for making everyday wear garments or special occasion outfits for the special children in your life!
Folkwear Patterns - children's
There are also sewing supplies and tools available for purchase on the site,