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July Happenings at Threads of Awakening
Sent Thursday, July 21, 2016



Threads of Awakening: the book
Here goes. It’s time to start sharing. As most of you know I closed my studio last month and have committed to spending the majority of my attention in coming months on writing a book about my experiences with Tibetan silk thangkas. Part art book, part memoir, I’d love your participation in making the book as fascinating and beneficial as it can be.


I’m nervous about sharing the evolving draft with you because I don’t want my attention to be highjacked by responses or by a desire to please everyone. At the same time, I’m eager to invite you in, to share stories I’ve never shared and to know how they land with you. Which stories spark your curiosity? Which provoke questions? Which are unclear and need more detail to be appreciated? Which are unnecessary? Your feedback will help me write a better book.


So I’m going to dip my toe in the water. I’m going to thread the needle and take a few stitches. I’m going to share a piece from the memoir part with you today. The photo above is from Dharamsala, where most of my story unfolds. But today’s snippet pre-dates my travel to India and provides a bit of context.


I won’t promise that I’ll send a snippet every month until the book is finished, though I very well might. Instead, I’m going to share one, and then another, and see how that feels.  Please email me your responses and questions.


The snippets probably won’t come in strict chronological order, nor in the order they’ll eventually appear in the book. That’s just not how they’re emerging from me. But I’ll try to share them in an order that provides enough context for you to appreciate each story. Let me know if I fail to do that and if you find yourself lost or confused.


These are first drafts. Please treat them as such and know that they’re not yet polished. When you send your replies, please remember that you’re speaking to a tender and curious heart who is hungry for your truth, and prefers it delivered gently.


Here goes!


Click here for your first snippet.
Fresno Fiber Show continues through August 28
I had no idea Fresno, California had such a beautiful art museum and such an enthusiastic art community. The Fiber Art Master Works exhibition, curated by museum director Michele Ellis Pracy is high caliber.


In his review, Donald Munro accurately applies the word “thrilling” to this fiber art show and brings our attention to both the large scale and the delicate detail of the artworks. Three of my pieces are included: Buddha and the Six Supports, Nomad Girls, and Three Mongolians.


I recommend a visit if you live nearby or if your summer travels bring you anywhere near the area. There will be a panel discussion in the museum’s Bonner Auditorium on Sunday, Aug 7 at 2pm. (I won’t be there, but I encourage you to go if you can. And tell me all about it!) The show closes on Aug 28, 2016.


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