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Modern Global Décor and Artisan Textiles


Southeast Asia is a wonderful place to see uniquely beautiful, traditional textiles being made and worn.


In our travels and conversations we found that businesses and organizations abroad are looking for ways to increase awareness of lurik, batik, songket and ikat — their heritage textiles — and wish for them to be seen, appreciated, and applied more broadly so the artisans and makers will have the resources to continue to develop and flourish.


At Textiil, our goal is to support and develop the market for these traditional textile crafts by providing access to the fabrics themselves, and by transforming some of them into beautiful home decor and accessories.  As we grow our business we will dedicate an increasing amount of our product assortment on sustainably made fabrics that incorporate the use of natural, plant based dyes.


At home and abroad we work with individuals, small and medium enterprises, and when possible, with fair trade suppliers and/or organizations incorporating sustainability initiatives. We hope you enjoy these unique, culturally rich textiles!



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