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  • Artist

    Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts: Festival schedule and a nice display of what's available in her Etsy shop.

    View Profile
  • Weaving- Home Textiles and Fashion Accessories

    Mayamam Weavers, a fair trade cooperative of women in Cajolá, Guatemala, specializes in home textiles and fashion accessories.

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  • Gallery, Wholesaler

    Afghan Tribal Arts Beads and Textiles, natural gemstones from Afghanistan and vintage textiles, following a regular show route in Southeastern USA.

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  • Patterns

    Folkwear Patterns are based on authentic ethnic and vintage garments, used by theatre and dance costumers, historic reenactors, art-to-wear aficionados, and anyone who enjoys dressing up.

    View Profile
  • Artist, Teacher

    Jane Dunnewold is an artist, teacher and author of surface design techniques. She teaches and lectures internationally and at her studio in San Antonio, Texas.

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  • School, Workshops

    The Pacific Northwest Art School offers workshops and classes in Fiber Arts, Mixed Media, Painting, and Photography. Whidbey Island, Washington, USA.

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  • Textile Artist, Workshops

    Transformative textile art, Threads of Awakening, based in Buddhist tradition. Online apprenticeships and commissions. Prints. Training. Your spiritual path. Your creative practice. Connected. Leslie's monthly newsletter.

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  • MarketPlace: Handwork of India

    MarketPlace: Handwork of India, empowering women and breaking the cycle of poverty! Fair Trade and handmade, long-lasting elegance!

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  • Textile Artist

    Laura Lee Burch is an American artist and author living in Israel. Her current passion lies in needle felting animals and people with humor and sometimes, a message. She welcomes special commissions of her work.

    View Profile
  • Web Shop, Designer, Importer

    Textiil designs modern, global, home decor from traditional wax resist block batiks crafted in Java, Indonesia. Our pillow covers and table linens are cut and sewn in Pennsylvania. All fabrics are small production North American exclusives.

    View Profile
  • Retail Gallery, Etsy Shop

    CulturalPatina Gallery sells tribal art from around the world, with a special focus on SouthWestern Navajo rugs and Native American pottery. Holiday sale through December 22, 2015!

    View Profile
  • Textile Artist, Workshops

    Elena Ulyanova has a passion for eco and botanical dye processes and has taught her methods in many European countries. Originally from the Ukraine, she now lives in Poland. She sells upcycled garments and accessories that she dyes on Etsy.

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  • Textile Artist, Clothing Designer

    Mary Hertert hand dyes fabric and uses it in her garments and home decor products. She has a great shop on her site with one of a kind tops, vests, pants and capes. Based in Grand Junction, Colorado.

    View Profile
  • Artist, Teacher

    Learn how to fast piece applique with Rose Hughes through her books or the Online Quilting Academy!

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  • Weaver

    Ann Robinson Textiles weaves beautiful handwoven accessories and dyes the fibers she uses to create fabrics. Her woven art complements classic wardrobes as well as contemporary home and office settings.

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  • Artist, Organization

    Silvia Piza-Tandlich has exhibited her work around the world and runs Galeria Octagono in Costa Rica. Community oriented, all of her work is made by hand, often inspired by themes drawn on from Latin American mythology.

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  • Marketing

    Folt Bolt is Kriszta Kemény’s exceptional effort at promoting artists and the handmade community. She runs curated collections on her website and has developed an active and successful community through her Facebook page.

    View Profile