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Many years ago, I asked my mother what she wanted for Christmas and she said, “NO MORE ART!!!” Ha. Guess what my family is getting this year? Handmade scarves made by me. Is it art? Well, I think so, but it’s functional, so I can get away with it… Making my own gifts has always been a fun part of holidays and birthdays for me, but I don’t have the time to create all of the things I would like to anymore…  But, when I do, there is nothing like using materials that mean something, recycled, natural, or handmade by someone else.

TAFA members provide a wealth of great supplies, kits, patterns, and tools for the DIY community who creates with conscience. We have tons of fabric options: hand-dyed, hand woven, designed on Spoonflower, and salvaged from old textiles. You can dye your own using botanical dye supplies offered by our members. For the knitters and embroidery people, we have beautiful yarns and embroidery threads that have been dyed or hand spun, offering color and texture choices not easily found in commercial outlets. Kits are a great way to introduce new techniques to those starting out, perhaps the child in your life. And, if you are looking for gifts for your artist friends, our supplies will delight them! The craft industry is a multi-billion dollar machine and our hope is that you will choose to support handmade over the commercial options, whether buying from us or from other artists and indie suppliers.

Finding these treasures can be a bit of a chore, so this guide hopes to lead you to our members who specialize in supplies and tools on an ongoing basis. As you explore our links, remember that much of what you will see is one-of-a-kind or in limited supply, so if you like it, you better get it!

How to find our TAFA supplies and tools:



ColourSpun – Natural Designer Yarn Wall Display

Search our site using keywords like “yarn”, “fabric”, “kit”, and “tool” and see what comes up. Scrolling down our Member List is also a good way to get a bird’s eye view of what our members do.

However, this is a limited resource as so many of our members offer more than what you can see on our site. They can each have four images that show up in the search, so they might choose to prioritize their finished work or products over their supplies. Even so, there is a lot that can be found there.







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On Etsy

Many of our members have shops on Etsy and we use a common tag to generate a search result there. Type TAFA into Etsy’s search to find us.  At the time of this posting, we have over 3,000 products there.

Once there, you can narrow your search to find specific things. Add a keyword or two: TAFA yarn, TAFA dyed fabric, TAFA woven fabric, TAFA textile stamp, and so on.

Our Etsy shops are a great way to find us, but they leave out our members who have their own shopping carts and who have established businesses which offer extensive resources and supplies.




Click on the thumbnails to visit our Member Profiles.

From there, explore the links.


Ananse Village

Ananse Village is a fair trade shop which focuses on Africa. They have great traditional textiles like mudcloth and heavier weights which would work for upholstery, along with cotton wax prints, perfect for quilting and other sewn projects.






arlee barr fabric

Arlee Barr dyes fabric and lace and offers limited supplies in her shop.








Art Cloth Studio

Jane Dunnewold creates gorgeous fabric patterns on Spoonflower, manipulated graphics from her handmade designs.







blue jacaranda fabric

Blue Jacaranda has fabric available on her Etsy shops and designs ready for print on Spoonflower.







cat brysch handwoven fabric

Cat Brysch Creations Studio has been weaving yardage for other artists for over 30 years.






cherscapes fabric

CherScapes offers hand-dyed silk fabric and hand painted Fat Quarters in her shop on Etsy.








batik fabric

Cultured Expressions carries batik fabric packs and other supplies, including metal embellishments with African designs.






fabricadabra ikat yardage

Fabricadabra has a great selection of exotic ikat designs in many colors. She also has a few African wax prints.







obi lilac

FurugiStar‘s shop on Etsy is loaded with vintage Japan! Lots of yardage and old textiles.



Harmony Art organic cotton yardage.

Commercially grown cotton that is hard on the earth and can be extremely toxic. Harmony Art provides an alternative with beautiful designs grown organically.







helen klebesadel spoonflower fabric

Known for her beautiful watercolors and activism around women’s issues, Helen Klebesadel has a wonderful variety of fabric designs in her Spoonflower shop. She also wrote a great tutorial on how to design fabrics there for us.






justcolours.de fabric clubJustcolours.de sells hand-dyed fabric by the meter. Join her Fabric Club!








Marble-T Design marbled fabrics

Marble-T Design will razzle and zazzle your senses with their marbled fabrics! Linda and Dean sell at a lot of quilt shows, but also have a selection on their Etsy shop. Always ask about availability of more than what you see there.








okan arts yukata fabric

“Yakata be Crazy!”  Patricia’s sense of humor comes through as she describes her latest shipment of Yukata fabrics from Japan. Okan Arts sells through their Seattle Shops, at trunk shows and through several other outlets. Beautiful fabric!







spanglish fabrics

Former Peace Corps Volunteer Debbie Maclin fell in love with Guatemalan fabric and made it her excuse to return often! Spanglish Fabrics has lots of handwoven ikats and is expanding into embroidery and finished products.







hand painted fabric by wen redmond

Most of Wen Redmond‘s work is finished, ready to hang on the wall. But, you can find some of her hand painted fabrics in her etsy shop. Snatch them up!







Remnants and Inserts

Afghan textile remnant.

Afghan Tribal Arts has lots of vintage textile remnants, many salvaged from old garments. These inserts work beautifully with the Afghan dress patterns by Folkwear. (See patterns.)








1930's quilt red

Fabrique Fantastique rescues old quilt tops and other vintage fabrics, many which can be used as cutters or incorporated into other projects.







crocodile and lovers mola

If you are a mola lover, you need to connect with Dr. Christi of HeART of Healing Gallery. She has a huge collection in many price ranges. Her specific interest is in healing plants and healers, but she also has many, many other themes.







japanese village textiles

Kimono Boy specializes in vintage village textiles from Japan. Lots of old indigo boro! Remnants and wraps can be used in other work.






banjara textile

Rayela Art. That’s my shop! I buy vintage textiles from small importers, old tools and other things that might interest our textile community.








 Yarn and Thread

colourspun yarns

ColourSpun offers an extensive selection of hand-dyed designer yarns on their website.










Nicole with plastic waste behind her

Darn Good Yarn has a mission: to keep plastics, fabric and paper from heading to the dumpsters. They have successfully recycled materials into fun yarns. Much of their work also goes towards poverty alleviation in Nepal.







design talented one

Design Talented One hand offers recycled sari ribbons from textile mills in India, hand-dyed in a rainbow of colors! Check for availability of sari yardage, too.








donna kallner yarn

Donna Kallner Fiber Art dyes yarns and fabric using eco processes. Check out her shop on Etsy for other supplies she might have on hand, too.







Dye Diana Dye hand dyed yarnsDye Diana Dye hand dyes specialty yarns for fine knitting and crochet.








Farm Genevieve handspun yarns

Farm Genevieve‘s yarns are yummy! Hand spun and naturally dyed.








knox farm fiber hand spun wool

Hand spun knubby yarns full of character! KnoxFarmFiber will delight you!








long ridge farm

Long Ridge Farm has a huge online shop with hand dyed yards and threads, fiber, dye supplies and more! Go explore!










Lynn's Texas Fibers

Felter’s take note! Lynn’s Texas Fibers has a great selection of natural and dyed fibers. Lynn also carries dye supplies and a bunch of fun tools.







saori salt spring threads

SAORI Salt Spring has quite a few weaving threads and other SAORI supplies in her shop on Etsy.





exotic yarns hand dyed by swoon fibers

Luscious and exotic yarns hand dyed by Swoon Fibers, many different weights. Silk blends, camel hair and more!






yarns by wrapture by inese

Wrapture by Inese has cooked up her own yarn recipe: kid mohair is hand selected in Istanbul and then she adds silk threads and cotton yarns available to her in Riga, Latvia. All of the yarns are upcyled/recycled. You’ll find kits in her shop, too.






Beads and Buttons


fibernique fabric beads

Fibernique has lots of hand rolled fabric beads in many different colors.








mm handwovens buttons

Nothing like handwoven buttons to finish off your coat, purse or neck warmer! mm handwovens usually has a few sets in her Etsy shop, but if you need more, just ask!








nell's embroidery buttons

Nell’s Embroidery‘s shop on Etsy is loaded with supplies, especially great knubby and beaded threads. But, her buttons are just too cool and had to be the feature here.








aspinnerweaver straps

ASpinnerWeaver. Annie weaves straps of many shapes and colors. Great for purses, guitars, hat bands, and decorative elements.







jane porter ribbons

Jane Porter‘s family has a ribbon mill in the US which she represents. She also sells gorgeous Japanese ribbons, dye supplies, spinning tools and much more!







Dye Supplies

botanical colors

Botanical Colors specializes in natural and botanical dye supplies. They also carry dye kits and a few other specialty items.







colour vie pigment system

Colour Vie offers an environmentally friendly pigment system. Check site for availability of fabrics. Tutorials on how to use the system are available.









maiwa natural dyes

If you are a dyer, you must check out Maiwa’s supplies and resources. They have accumulated a huge repository of knowledge and offer a great guide to dyes on their website. Maiwa Handprints has many other supplies and fabrics, so make sure you explore their whole site!






the yarn tree dye supplies

Linda LaBelle closed her brick and mortar shop in order to be able to work more with her charity-based organization, Stories of Hope. Through The Yarn Tree, she continues to sell dye supplies, yarns, fibers and much more!








adinkra stamp

Cross Cultural Collaborative has adinkra printing stamps available on their website. Ellie might also be able to source fabric and other supplies from Ghana for you.





green mountain spinning wheel

Spinners! What could be better than using a handmade spinning wheel? Green Mountain Spinning Wheels are made with care and love. They often have kits available on their site, so check for availability.








heartfelt silks palm washboard

Inventors of the Palm Washboard, a perfect tool for wet felters, HeartFelt Silks carries these in different sizes. Individually hand crafted, give one to your favorite felter! Check out their shop on Etsy for felt kits as well.







Indian textile stamp

ITSA Studio offers a variety of surface design supplies, embellishment, and great ethnic textiles. These old textile stamps are always a favorite. Barbetta also has shisha mirrors for those of you who want to incorporate them into your embroidery!











linda's art quilts fabric stamps

Linda’s Art Quilts uses stamps like this one on her art quilts. Due to popular demand, she’s made some available in her Etsy shop. She makes them herself!








new world textiles spinning shuttles

New World Textiles is all about organic cotton, old world techniques, engineering, spinning, weaving and creating modern textiles. The website is old school, difficult to navigate, but get beyond that and you will find an in-depth resource and serious tools and supplies. Eileen invented this shuttle. Spin directly on to it and go to the loom with it!






Oshiwa Designs is a small fair trade workshop in Namibia that focuses on creating textile stamps for artists. They are made out of wa-wa wood that comes from a sustainable forestry project. Smooth and beautifully made, they can also be used on paper and imprinted into clay or even cookie dough!






saori loom

SAORI Santa Cruz is an authorized and certified SAORI weaving studio and equipment dealer in the USA. Jill Sanders has looms, tools, threads and finished products in her Etsy shop. Huge resource!







Donna Burkholder quilt kits

Donna Burkholder creates beautiful quilt kits. You can get everything you need or buy just the fabric or the patterns. The fabrics are hand dyed.










spindle kit

Jane Deane Textiles could fit into many of these categories as she has dyed yarn, dye supplies, fiber, tools, kits and more. Make sure to check out her silk worm connections!






lorna bateman embroidery kits

Lorna Bateman Embroidery offers great kits and stunning hand dyed embroidery threads!








wrapture pattern

Bazaar Bayar. Catherine knits and has patterns available on Ravelry. This one is a collaboration with Wrapture by Inese, the Turkey-Latvia Connection! (See Yarns for the Wrapture by Inese info.)







carolyn manning

Carolyn Manning Designs specializes in cross stitch patterns. She also has fabric available on Spoonflower.









castilleja cotton quilt patterns

Castilleja Cotton has hundreds of quilt patterns available on their website and Etsy shop, including table runners and other decorative items.







Elena Rosenberg patterns

Elena Rosenberg‘s fine knitwear patterns are available for download on her Etsy shop. Find her signature shawls, cowls, and fingerless gloves.









folkwear patterns afghan dress

Folkwear Patterns have been leaders in historical patterns for decades. This Afghan pattern uses an insert in the dress panel which can be found through Afghan Tribal Arts. (See Remnants and Inserts) Folkwear has traditional designs from many cultures along with Western styles from days gone by.






Jwrobel knitting patterns, baby wear.

Is there a baby in your life? Jwrobel‘s knitting patterns will sweeten up that child! There are rug hooking patterns in the mix, too.






linda matthews patterns

Linda Matthews has quilt and purse patterns available in her shop.












rose hughes quilt pattern

Rose Hughes has written several books on her applique process and has many quilt patterns to choose from on her site. She also has several of her favorite tools that she uses on her own quilts.










ruby wings designs bead weaving pattern

For years, Ruby Wings Designs focused on bead weaving. Although now her focus is on fabric, needle and thread, her patterns are still available for download on her Etsy shop.







smudged textiles studio

Smudged Textiles Studio is a great thermofax resource.  Great fun!









There is something here for everyone who is a DIY maker! The ultimate TAFA Do-It-Yourself Supplies and Tools Directory! 


Please let us know in the comments if you find any broken links or incorrect info and we’ll get it fixed.


Have you purchased from any of our member shops? Share your experience here and tell us what you made. We’d love to hear from you.

Be sure to sign up in the sidebar to get our blog announcements as we will be doing many other member features here and we don’t want you to miss out!


I've been working with the arts and craft world in many capacities since 1988. Handmade textiles have been my core focus since launching TAFA in 2010.

My hope is to contribute to the economic development potential the arts bring to the world, along with the intrinsic beauty shown in the work. May the world become a friendlier place for artists and nature!

Arrived in Kentucky after a childhood in Brazil, college in Minnesota and 20 years in Chicago. It's been a ride!


on TAFA’s Do-It-Yourself Supplies and Tools Directory.
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