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TAFA’s Gift Guide: Kids

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Do you have a child in your life? Or, maybe there is still a kid inside of you! Either way, it’s important to nurture that child with an environment that embraces the handmade lifestyle! These days, kids are pushed to consume, to want, to need, to have… often things that will fall apart or be discarded quickly. Surrounding them with things that are handmade and encouraging them to make their own teaches them about process, about where things come from and about how they, too, can participate in the world.

The wonderful contribution that textiles and fiber art make in this mix is that they soften the space, bringing in color and texture, and evoke feelings of love and comfort. We’ll show you some things here offered by our TAFA members that kids can wear, roll on, touch or look at. Hopefully, this will inspire you to explore our site and look for more ways in which our talented people can inspire and connect with you! Many are happy to work with others on special commissions, tweaking their designs so that they fit perfectly with your own aesthetic. Do not hesitate to ask!

Play and Learn

Children love to interact with what they see and here are some toys and learning tools which will stand up to squeezing, hugging, and touching. Click on the images to visit their profiles on TAFA where you can learn more about them and find their shops and social media links.

Sally Manke paper dolls

Sally Manke has several sets of fabric “paper” dolls like this one in her Etsy shop. They come with a pocket folder for storage. She has lots of other things that would delight a kid, too!


MOLICA Natural Fibre Art and Craft Waldorf toys - MolicaAustralia

Michelle Jose of MOLICAAustralia specializes in making needle felted Waldorf toys.


Interactive play set by Leisa Rich.

Leisa Rich has several play sets like this one with pieces that can be moved around, encouraging story telling and sparking the imagination. She also has dolls, puppets and lots of other fun stuff!


little jenny wren doll

Jennifer Marshall of Little Jenny Wren Dolls also works with Waldorf inspiration. Her dolls are so popular that she can’t keep up with the demand! So, if you want one, you might have to get in line…



kasia urban rybska muscle men

Kasia Urban Rybska’s humor shines through her needlepoint softies. An older child would latch on to one of these muscle men!

Now we will show you some things that look like toys, but need more care. They are great decorations in a kid’s room, set on shelves or dressers above their reach.

fibreheart needle felted dog

Fibreheart Wool Studio specializes in needle felt commissions of pets, both cats and dogs. Your child will love it!


daria lovovsky needle felted horse

Art of Felting offers all kinds of animals, birds and Waldorf toys in her shop, some which can be played with and others more suited for decoration. It all depends on how the child handles them, too. Her creatures are life like and elegant, great inspiration for stories!


colin's creatures

Colin’s Creatures is a favorite for sheep and animal lovers! He carves the bodies out of porcelain and then attaches fibers that resemble his scores of sheep and goat breeds.


Pencil and Sheep felt dragon

Every kid needs a dragon in their life! Or a panda, or a bear, or any of Pencil and Sheep’s felted creatures. They are purveyors of happiness!


Dress them up!

A child wearing something handmade just looks more loved, don’t you think?

jwrobel baby hat

Isn’t this baby just cuteness personified? Jwrobel’s little hat adds to the charm, for sure! Jess also knits little sweaters and other baby items and has patterns for those who want to DIY!



blue jacaranda world map t-shirt

Blue Jacaranda has a lot of gifts for kids, all hand printed and fun, but I got a kick out of this boy’s face. He’s wearing a screen printed t-shirt with a world map.



Quilts have long been a treasured gift for a newborn as they have a long life and can be used as a child grows. They can also set the atmosphere in a child’s room as wall art. We have way too many art quilters on TAFA to feature them all here, so make sure you scroll through our member gallery to see what might work for your home.

peppermint pinwheels play mat

Pepppermint Pinwheels specializes in modern designs for baby quilts and play mats. She has many sizes and colors available in her Etsy shop.


ommadethreads baby quilt

Aren’t these happy colors? OmMadeThreads makes baby quilts and other sewn goods and will work with you on commission.


terry aske quilt portraits

Terry Aske can make your pet, you, your child, your family or anybody else you want into a portrait quilt! She has lots of finished quilts available as well.


maggie dillon quilt

Maggie Dillon blows photos up and then translates the figures into fabric. She uses batiks which add richness and depth to the design.


louise schiele quilt girl with baby stroller

Louise Schiele uses photo transfers to make many of her art quilts. She likes images of the past, capturing a moment in daily life.


terri stegmiller quilt

Terri Stegmiller’s art quilts use soft colors and often feature girls and animals. Perfect art for an older girl or teen!

Other fun decorative items:

odpaam fabric mobile

Babies and little kids love things that hang and move with the wind. Odpaam has several fabric mobiles that are delightful. She also has colorful rag rugs, chunky baskets and many other things to liven up a kid’s room!


peaceofpi silhouette embroidery

Jo of peaceofpi did a series of these amazing silhouettes in machine embroidery. Young and old profiles captured in thread! Check with her on whether she is willing to do a commission.


las rancheritas hooked rug

Las Rancheritas hooked rugs are made in Mexico as an economic development project there. The designs are inspired by every day rural life in the village: chickens, dogs, kids playing, harvest and nature. They can be hung on the wall or are great under little feet!
Make sure to search our site for other rug hookers, too!


salley mavor prints

Salley Mavor has delighted thousands of children with her Wee Folk Studio embroidery! Used to illustrate children’s books she has prints and cards available with her designs. Make sure to buy a book, too!


This about wraps up our TAFA Gift Guide featuring presents and decor items for kids. As you can see, this is one talented group! Even if you do not have or are not buying for children, please share this post and our other members on TAFA with your friends and circles. The handmade items you see take time and talent to create and all of us depend on having a supportive public which appreciates what we do and will support us with their buying power. We believe that living the handmade lifestyle is better for the planet and for the spirit and we hope that you will share with us in this journey!


How to find our TAFA Kid Items

Logo papyrus


Search our site with keywords like kid, child, boy, girl, teen, toy and see what comes up. See the magnifying lens in the navigation bar? Click on that to do your search.






tafa team badge 200 pixels

On Etsy

At the time of this posting we had almost 5,000 items there. The same suggestion applies as on our site, except that you need to have “TAFA” before the keyword: TAFA kid, TAFA boy, TAFA child, etc. Make sure you check off the ship anywhere option so that you see everyone.






Check out the Kids Category on our sister site, Artizan Made!

Enjoy the search!

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I've been working with the arts and craft world in many capacities since 1988. Handmade textiles have been my core focus since launching TAFA in 2010.

My hope is to contribute to the economic development potential the arts bring to the world, along with the intrinsic beauty shown in the work. May the world become a friendlier place for artists and nature!

Arrived in Kentucky after a childhood in Brazil, college in Minnesota and 20 years in Chicago. It's been a ride!


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