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TAFA’s Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers!

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Do you hang Christmas stockings and fill them up with goodies in your home? Well, even if you don’t, small gifts are often needed for presents as thank yous at work, for teachers, gift exchanges, and more. We’ve picked a few ideas for you coming from our TAFA members, but just remember that although an item might be small in size, it does not mean that it is “cheap”. Most of these are quite inexpensive and under the $30 range, but a couple are much more.

We recently posted a guide to our supplies, tools, and kits and that list is loaded with links to great places where you can also find small gifts. Then, we have lots of jewelry made out of cloth and fiber and they would also make great gifts for small packages. Those will be featured in a separate post. Think outside the box when you are looking for great stocking stuffers and explore our TAFA links!

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Pin Cushions

A fiber or textile artist can never have enough of them!

pin cushion

Gale Gibbons of OmMadeThreads also makes quilts, yoga bags and other sewn work.

pincushion- manitoba gifts

Manitobagifts offers many small works in wool and crewel embroidery, including eye glass cases. Her partner also makes great leather accessories.

pincushion- lorna bateman

Lorna Bateman Embroidery‘s embroidered pin cushion is timeless and elegant. You can also make your own as she has everything you need in her shop: thread, ribbon, and complete kits.

pincushion- victoria gertenbach

For those of us with a more rustic aesthetic, Victoria Gertenbach‘s woven and embroidered pin cushion has perfect appeal! Victoria makes many different accessories for the home, all beautiful.

Eye Glass Cases

Aging eyes? Sunglasses? I know I have many that need a nice pocket to keep them safe!

eyeglass case- morgen bardati

Morgen Bardati prints, dyes and sews. Her work is precise, warm, and inspired by nature. She has many accessories to pick from for home and body in her shop.

eyeglass case- ann brauer

Ann Brauer is known for her landscape quilts that use these same bold colors and strips of fabric. She also makes pillow covers in the same technique. Makes your day happy to see her colors!


Stack them up and spread them out! Coasters are always handy to have around!

coaster- cindy grisdela

Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts focuses on wall art, but also has coasters, eye glass cases and pillows for sale. She is another one who is color driven!

coasters- bozena

Bozena Wojtaszek‘s folk art style delights the eye, bringing lightness and a smile. Bozena is extremely prolific and pursues a range of product interests. From ornaments to quilts, there is something for everyone!

Things you can fold or roll up

Isn’t if fun to keep people guessing about what’s inside a wrapping? I haven’t bought wrapping paper in years. Instead, I either make fabric bags or use newspaper as wrapping. Stamping brown bags for paper is fun, too! Here are some things that you can wrap up as a surprise.

bag susan fennell

You’ll find lots of fabric options in Susan Fennell Studio‘s shop! She dyes and loves indigo and many of her cloths are inspired as Japanese style wraps. See? Why add to waste with Christmas wrapping that will just get thrown away? The wrap itself can be a gift!


make up bag, hera


Another sweet bag that could be used as a wrapper or rolled up as a surprise. Intended as a cosmetic bag, your gift could store all kinds of precious little things. HEraMade is another prolific one with loads of beauties to pick from in her shops. Make sure that you check out both of them! One focuses on crocheted items and the other on fabric.

pencil holder- blue jacaranda

This one’s already rolled up for you! Blue Jacaranda intended it as a pencil holder, but think of all of the other things you could store here…  Carving tools, batik pens, long needles, and so much more! The Dutch Houses are one of her printed themes and there are other options in her shop. She also likes to use a lot of burlap.

tea towels- mayamam

Guatemalan weaving is known for its sturdiness and these tea towels will give a lifetime of service! MayaMam Weavers is a fair trade group in Guatemala and has many other products, including headbands which would also make good stocking stuffers.


These creatures should all fit inside a big stocking. If not, they could be tied on to the outside. Big smiles are guaranteed.

soft sculpture- indra's ideas

When Indra’s Ideas first joined TAFA, most of her work centered on the embroidery she excels at. Since then, she has expanded into other areas, including soft sculptures like these adorable birds. She also has some amazing feather pens that would make great “small” gifts, but I wouldn’t want them to get squished in a stocking! Her jewelry boxes and journals also make great gifts for teens.

ornament- five points studio

Elena Ulyanova teaches workshops on natural dyes and shares her photos with us. They look like so much fun! Then, she makes all kinds of fun things including these angel ornaments, woodland creatures, ties for men, and much more. I thought these were so fun and can see them hanging on a stocking!

small art- danny mansmith

Danny Mansmith says that sewing saved his life. He goes at it with abandon, always coming up with new ideas. He has a series of these bendable people that are a lot of fun. Plus, loads of other things that could fill up a stocking!


Protect your stockings from stinky feet syndrome! A lovely sachet will do the trick!

lavender pillow lente julcsi

Lente Julcsi made these lavender sachets. They will find their way into someone’s dresser drawer for sure! She also has lots of fabric jewelry that make perfect small gifts.

lavender sachet latouchables

Also lavender, LaTouchables has sweet sachets in a variety of royal fabrics. Check out her jewelry and bags, too. Her shop will satisfy the Boho Spirit!

Other Ideas

There are a million other small things that I could show you, but we’ll just do a couple more for this post. Journals and small art make great gifts at any time of the year. Here are a couple of examples which could fit in a stocking.

journal- dharma karma arts

I’m a big fan of using recycled materials in our art and Indira Govindan of dharmakarmaarts does a great job using rice backs as her journal covers! She is multi-talented and you will find many treasures in her shop!

small art- hg handmade

HG handmade explores many collaged themes, including the human form, in her small works. A set of them would make a wonderful feature on a wall. She also has little packs of fabric that she has dyed.


How to find our member products

 Logo papyrusTAFA: Search our site using various keywords.

Most of our members probably will not have tagged their things with “stocking stuffer”, so think of words that might show you results for small items. Examples that we have used in this post would be great: ornament, pin cushion, journal, soft sculpture, nuno felt, etc.





tafa team badge 200 pixelsEtsy: Go to our TAFA search result there and add a keyword to narrow the results.

At the time of this posting we have almost 5,000 items there. The same suggestion applies as on our site, except that you need to have “TAFA” before the keyword: TAFA pin cushion, TAFA journal, TAFA ornament, etc. If you are on a budget, you can also sort the results by price and look at them by the lowest price showing up first.





Enjoy the search and know that we appreciate the support! Let us know in the comments whether you use stockings if you celebrate Christmas. If not, how else would you use small gifts? Hanukkah is a great time for sharing special little things in our Jewish communities. Oh, and if you find something by one of our members that you snatched up, let us know here! We’d love to hear about it!

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My hope is to contribute to the economic development potential the arts bring to the world, along with the intrinsic beauty shown in the work. May the world become a friendlier place for artists and nature!

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