TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List | Work Spaces: Where Textiles and Fiber Art Get Made, Part 1

Work Spaces: Where Textiles and Fiber Art Get Made, Part 1

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TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List has a widely diverse membership, brought together by a shared love for the work they do with textiles and fiber art. All of us have an online presence, but what we do can range from knitting on a favorite couch to working in large scale production with economic development initiatives. Some members make their living through creating products for sale, others teach, while others publish or exhibit their works. The handmade process always translates into labor intensive techniques, but the materials and tools needed vary dramatically. Travel around the world to visit some of our work spaces.

Click on the names to visit their profiles on TAFA where you will find more info and links to their sites. The first image of each slideshow shows an example of what is made in that space. Enjoy!

African Threads


Valerie Hearder works with women in South Africa who embroider village scenes, animals and other designs on fabric, pillows, wall hangings and other products.


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Amber Kane


Amber Kane weaves glorious scarves and writes about seizing the day with affirmation and power in her blog.

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Bazaar Bayar


Catherine and her husband, Abit, live in Istanbul where they sell vintage carpets and work with local craftspeople. Catherine is also a knitting designer and pattern maker.

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Boisali Biswas


Boisali has now lived in the US for a long time, but her roots in India remain strong. There, she had classical training in weaving and other traditional arts and continues to explore new ways to translate the old.

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Cally Booker


Cally Booker finds inspiration in the skyline of her Dundee cityscapes as well as the waterfront near her home.

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Cat Brysch Creations Studio


Cat has woven yardage for other artists for over 30 years!

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Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts


Cindy’s art quilts and home accents are known for their great color combinations.

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Danny Mansmith


A Chicago native, Danny now creates in Seattle, a master at using his sewing machine to draw.

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Indira Govindan uses her small work area to full capacity, creating journals, sari textile art, decorated boxes and much more. Inspired by her Indian roots, Indira donates the proceeds of her sales to a non-profit run by her sister in India.

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Elena Ulyanova


Elena has many talents, but her big passion is botanical dyeing. She teaches workshops on it and her blog details her experiments and process.

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Fearless Fiberworks


Carole Simcox sews, felts and knits from her home studio.

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This was Part One. See more on Part Two.

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How about you? Are you a maker? What kind of space needs do you have? Feel free to leave a link in the comments if you want us to take a look.


I've been working with the arts and craft world in many capacities since 1988. Handmade textiles have been my core focus since launching TAFA in 2010.

My hope is to contribute to the economic development potential the arts bring to the world, along with the intrinsic beauty shown in the work. May the world become a friendlier place for artists and nature!

Arrived in Kentucky after a childhood in Brazil, college in Minnesota and 20 years in Chicago. It's been a ride!


on Work Spaces: Where Textiles and Fiber Art Get Made, Part 1.
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    Finally getting to see these studios… if ever you decide to do it again I will post mine. I loved seeing everyones space.

    • |

      Hi, Dianne-

      I won’t be doing another post like this for quite awhile, but you can post a link to yours so that people can see it. And, anyone else can, too! It’s always fun to see how people work and how they organize their spaces. (Or not… if it’s a mess like mine!)

  2. |

    What a variety of studio spaces and a range of work going on! Great to see. Can’t believe how well organised Cindy is – my mum could take a few tips from you!

  3. |

    You’re all so tidy! Wouldn’t dare post mine….

  4. |

    Rachel, the post is really fun. I enjoyed seeing the studios.

  5. |

    Great to see everyone’s studios! Thanks for the peek!

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